everything is fine

I always loved how Wendy called Peter “Boy”


The Beach Boys | Sloop John B
You get yourself 3 or 4 good pals; then you’ve got yourself a tribe. And there ain’t nothing stronger than that.
I know it does. Thanks for reminding me. (at Sewickley, Pennsylvania)

I fucking hate this shit.

from me to you

It’s been a rough day. I’m not going to lie and say everything is fine, because right now it isn’t.

I failed you. I wasn’t strong enough. Not as strong as I should have been. Not as strong as you needed me to be. As we needed me to be. I always said you could trust me, and I betrayed that trust. I hate that I’ve hurt you and caused this pain. But if I ever get the chance again, I will not fail, I will make us do better. Be stronger. I will be the man you need me to be- not the man you want me to be. I promise you this. Please find it somewhere in your heart to forgive me, and even though I don’t deserve it- find a way to trust me again. I understand it was both our fault, but next time I’ll hold us to a higher standard. We can make it. You’re my best friend. And always will be.

Right now, everything is not fine. But its gonna be good. Just you wait and see. It’s gonna be good.